KidsMag for iPad – Interactive Magazine for Kids 3 and Older

KidsMag for iPad, is our interactive magazine for kids ages three and older.

Issue Number One features more than 30 pages of interactive content, including: Listen & Learn, Play & Enjoy, Draw & Color, Counting & Writing, and Reading & Listening. Two realistically drawn young children, Teo and Bianca, guide the reader through more than 50 different activities. The writing, illustrations, and activities are comparable to those of the highest quality print books for children. And the music, sound effects, dialogue, and narration are the equal of the best juvenile ebooks. Highlights, the perennial kids magazine, has long set the standard in magazines for readers 6 – 12. KidsMag follows in this tradition of fun, educational, activity-oriented publications that children can enjoy alone or with their parents.

KidsMag displays in portrait mode, with each page filling the iPad screen. Navigation is easy with forward and backward pointing arrows in the bottom corners. Help, Audio controls, and the Table of Contents are always available from small icons in the top corners. The animated page turn effect with sound operates flawlessly, simulating real paper pages. KidsMag is one of the few iOS apps for kids that includes separate, continuously variable volume controls for both music, and effects and voices. The voices are professional voiceover artists, so Teo, Bianca, their friends, and the female Narrator are all highly effective.

[box] Feature Highlights:

* Listen & Learn – Educational topics developed by fun and lovely characters that will lead kids through the whole learning experience

* Play & Enjoy – Interactive topic-related games: Puzzles, 7 Differences, Scene Creators, Find the Odd One, Dress Up activities, etc.

* Draw & Color – Complete and paint drawings: different brush sizes, color palette, and eraser to stimulate kids’ artistic talent

* Counting & Writing – Letter and number recognition is stimulated through games, and counting skills are developed through games and topic-related activities

* Reading & Listening – Stories for kids to enjoy on their own or with an adult by reading or listening together[/box]



Device Requirements:

* Compatible with iPad
* iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)

* 61.7 MB


“KidsMag Issue 1 is a very nice iPad application for preschool-aged kids, structured much like a magazine would be for their age group. This app revolves around Teo and Bianca, a brother and sister team who teach a lot about some of children’s favorite things. With an impressive amount to look at and interact with, this app really does remind me of a kids’ magazine such as “Highlights” and I found some segments very informative and well written” – by GiggleApps

“It has received excellent ratings and was already picked by Apple’s staff on the App Store!” – by Apps4Kids

“Any parent, uncle, auntie or grandparent will know that keeping young children entertained is a full-time job. Fortunately for us then the iPad –and Kids Mag 1-, with its bright colourful screen and touch interface, attracts children like bees round a honey pot” – by iPadCreative

“I don’t have a proper category for this app cause it’s everything a kid might want in one place – long story short, a magazine like I used to read when I was a kid, but for iPad” – by