Cartoonizeme is a cool app for the iPhone that lets you add funny elements such as glasses, hats, mustaches and many more theme-based elements to your photos.

[box] How to use: Choose a photo from your iPhone or iPod touch camera roll or take a new one (only available on iPhone). Select the category of elements you want to add, Facial, accessories or Dialogue Balloons, click on a desired sub-category (for example: Facial Elements > Mouths) and choose the desired element. You can also rotate, scale and change the colors of it to match your photo. Dialogue balloons can be customized with your own text !![/box]

Save the compositions created in your camera roll. From there you can email them to your friends or family members. You can also keep them in your Favorites list for further edition.

[box] “ If doodling horns, glasses and scars on pictures of politicians in the Sunday paper is your idea of fun then Cartoonizeme from Portegno Apps would be a valuable addition to your iPhone or iPod touch. This slick little app allows you to add cartoonish effects to pictures of friends and relatives until your cheeks hurt from too much smiling. It’s some of the best fun I’ve had since I bought my first black marker “ – by Kyle Bailey at Macworld

“I must admit Cartoonizeme is pretty fun, although fairly ridiculous. Cartoonizeme is a lot of silly, goodhearted fun with photos. So, if you want to dress up some of your friends in alien antennas, or just add some funny thought bubbles I suggest you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed” – by Allison Glennon at AppCraver

Review of Cartoonizeme by AppVee:[/box]



Customer reviews on iTunes App Store:

I used to have similar application on my SE mobile, but this is way better. There are many different items you can put on your photo and best thing is they are easily modifiable. You can change its size, angle, color… so you dont need to adjust photo so it fits items, but you adjust items so it fits photo. Thanks to this easy modification system you have plenty of options ane you can use every front-facing picture. New items are being constantly added and I think that kids will love this and with some patience and skill you can create your own comic.
user levelzoo
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