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Crazy Hair Studio – Spooky Hairstyles for Halloween

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Featured, iPad, iPhone / iPod touch, Our Apps, Universal Apps |

New Spooky Hairstyles for Halloween on Crazy Hair Studio Web Gallery!!!

More than 30 new Spooky Hairstyles!!!

Free download, get them now !!!

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Crazy Hair Studio – NEW UPDATE

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Featured, iPad, iPhone / iPod touch, Our Apps, Universal Apps |

New version of Crazy Hair Studio is now available on the App Store!! Update now!!!



5 new celebrity hairstyles:

Lady G, Reese W, Zac E, Steve T and Pink !!!


Now you can purchase accessories for your cool hairstyles:






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Crazy Hair Studio

Crazy Hair Studio

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Featured, Fun with your Photos, iPad, iPhone / iPod touch, Our Apps, Universal Apps |



Crazy Hair Studio is a virtual hair salon in your device! Choose from tons of cool hairstyles for Women and Men.


What’s the perfect style for you? Long, short, straight, curly, modern, classic or just go crazy!!
Try them all and let your friends decide!!

With Crazy Hair Studio you don’t limit yourself to try on a pre-defined hairstyle, it’s only your starting point, YOU CAN CHANGE the hairstyle by using the following tools: Hair Brush, Scissors, Hair trimmer, Tint brush, Curlers, Hair Dryer and Hair Extensions. Go for the perfect look!


Amazing Features include:

Take a photo or choose one from your camera library.

Try different hairstyles in your photo. Rotate and scale them for a perfect fit.

Use your finger to comb your new hair and style it as you want!

Cut, Trim and Grow your new realistic hair.

Place curlers and let the hair dryer machine do its job!

Go crazy with the Hair Dryer! But be careful, it might be dangerous for your new look!

Tint individual locks of hair or the entire hairstyle with one of our 150+ super realistic hair colors.

More than 60 super cool hairstyles (100s more on Web Gallery for instant and FREE download!!)

Share your pictures with friends on Facebook, Twitter or by e-Mail.



Justin B, Owen W, Jennifer A, Katy P, Elvis P, Victoria B, Halle B, Audrey H & Many MORE!!!





• Bring your own hairstyle ideas, use our HAIR EDITOR and create super cool new looks.

•Add hair locks, rotate, tint, cut, flip, duplicate and erase them.

• Start from scratch or modify a pre-existent hairstyle. You can go back and forth from the photo to the editor.

• Choose from our 1100+ realistic locks of hair database, created specially for this game.

• Become a Stylist and share your creations with the entire world through our WEB GALLERY.




• Hundreds of hairstyles available for FREE to download from our WEB GALLERY.

• These hairstyles are created by Stylists LIKE YOU from all around the world.

• Hairstyles catalog is updated in real time.

+ Universal app, buy once and use on all your iOS devices!!
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Princess Activity Cards

Princess Activity Cards

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Activity Cards, Featured, iPad, Our Apps |

It’s time for your little ones to explore the world of PRINCESS.  Kids can enjoy this fantasy world using their creativity and skills.

This app contains a combination of different games such as: scene creation activities, coloring pages, puzzles, find it games and cool stickers, all designed specifically for the iPad with a Kid-friendly interface – so easy a toddler can use it.

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

28 activity cards set Highlights:

- Coloring pages

- Puzzles

- Find it games

- Create your own Fairies

- Create your own scenes with cool Stickers

- Super cool background music


“My three year old daughter is obsessed with princesses; thank goodness for Princess Activity Cards, the new app by Portegno Apps. Princess Activity Cards features a variety of engaging pages help keep little ones entertained. Coloring, make your own princess, and sticker pages help inspire creativity and imagination. Get your toddler or preschooler thinking with the puzzle and “find it” activities. Princess Activity Cards is the ideal app for anyone who has a young one in their house that loves princesses.This iPad only app, designed for children ages three and older, features a total of twenty-eight activity pages. The colors, illustrations, and background music are exactly what they should be in a princess app. I appreciated the wide variety of princess looks available in the section where little ones are able to create their own princess scenes; here little girls have the opportunity to design a princess that looks similar to them: a perfect princess activity app” by TheiPhonemum

Also available in our Activity Cards series

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KidsMag Easter Special Edition

KidsMag Easter Special Edition

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Featured, iPad, KidsMag, Our Apps |

KidsMag Easter Special Edition with Teo and Bianca is a creative and fun interactive magazine for children age 3 an above.

- Your kids will enjoy a complete learning and entertaining experience.
- 16 pages of content with super fun activities.
- KidsMag is an educational magazine that combines the simplicity of iPad’s intuitive user interface with learning and entertaining benefits of activity books.

KIDSMAG Easter Special Edition features:

  •  Easter Story with Teo and Bianca
  • Coloring
  • Find the carrots
  • Cooking Corner
  • Spot the differences
  • Carrot Search
  • Decorate easter eggs
  • Puzzles
  • Create Easter bunny ears
  • and MORE!!!

Teo and Bianca will lead you and your kid through all the activities.
Their help is available on every page to be used whenever is needed. Both in written and in audio form.

“KidsMag Easter Special Edition with Teo & Bianca by Portegno Apps is an interactive digital magazine for children aged 3 and above to celebrate the coming Easter Season.  It has a total of 16 pages of fun and age-appropriate activities that your child will surely enjoy.The magazine begins with a short story about Kino, the Easter egg painter. You tap on a series of pictures to hear the story. Before you start the narration, you can encourage your child to tell you the story just by looking at the pictures. On another occasion, you can tap on a picture and ask your child to locate the picture associated with the narration. What is Easter without an Easter-themed art and craft session. In KidsMag, your child can learn to create Easter bunny ears, color Easter eggs and cute bunnies, trace some more eggs and save the artwork after that. There is even a page for baking Easter Cookies. All the instructions are presented in pictorial and written form which are narrated. A favorite Easter fun activity in this app is Decorate Easter Eggs. You tap on 5 icons to change the ribbon, egg painting, extra trimmings, egg stand and background. Keep tapping on each of them and you’ll get different combinations of decorations. Fun! Some activities in KidsMag offer more than one game. For example, there are 4 different Puzzles, 3 set of Spot the Differences and 3 scenes for Carrot Search (you search for the hidden carrots in the picture and count them as you find them). Kids shake the iPad for a new game on the same page and my son thinks this is very cool but I prefer to have the option to use a more conventional way to change the game. In the hands of an overly enthusiastic and hyperactive kid, I really worry for my 6-month-old iPad!” The iMums

“KidsMag, Easter Special Edition is children’s magazine app, part of the KidsMag series of apps that my son and I really like, much akin to reading Highlights and includes fun interactions as well as engaging instructions for baking and crafts that children will enjoy. Easter-themed, this app includes a really nice story about bunnies decorating Easter eggs, gently teaching about art and inspiration in a way that both parents as well as children will appreciate. As cute as this app is with an abundance of eggs, bunnies and carrots, it’s nice to see how educational this application is as well, as sequencing of ideas is taught in a variety of ways” by Giggleapps

My 3 yr old and I really enjoyed this app. The 13 pages were full of fun, interactivity, and education. The app begins with short, sweet story of Kino which we both enjoyed. Next were 2 puzzles and 2 spot the difference games that were fun. My 5 yr old joined in the fun of baking Easter cookies, recipe included in app, nice bonus! The app continues with find the hidden carrots, the red eggs, the blue eggs and the chocolate bunnies. Also included is color matching, bunny hoping with numbers, egg math and order the sequence, all nice educational features. We had fun creating bunny ears, building a cart and coloring Easter pictures. As a parent I always enjoy the “save a photo” feature in apps. This allows me to always have a keepsake of our special time together. One other feature that was enjoyed was the “shake the device” which included 3 screen changes for each game” by Iheartthisapp.

Also available in our KidsMag series

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Children love to learn while playing and they are going to love KidsMag!

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Fun Math with Scotty

Fun Math with Scotty

Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Featured, Fun with Scotty, iPad, Our Apps |

It is time to make Math really Fun.  And really Simple too.

Fun Math is an app that encourage your kids to play over and over and learn in an easy and fun way the basics of Mathematics.


They can solve the problems by tapping or moving the numbers and symbols into the correct place.

– Counting

- Order recognition

- Adding

- Subtracting.

The wonderful  illustrations and the bright colors used in this app makes it very attractive to young kids.


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